Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loved Links

This is a new bit I'm trying on ribbonsincurls. I look at SO much stuff on the internet, as do most people (duh), and sometimes I get so pumped about the stuff I'm reading I just wanna share it with everyone. So instead of posting those types of things to my tumblr, I'd rather just share them here.

Here we go:

Science Builds A Better Pie - A New York Times article instructional on how to make the best pie. Science & pie, what's not to love?

The Mindy Project Style Blog - This is a blog where they post links to pieces (and less expensive dupes!!) from Mindy Kaling's wardrobe. This includes images from her Instagram, her wardrobe from the show, events, etc. Basically this is the best thing ever.

Wreck-It Ralph themed nail art! - Ahh so cute. If only I had a steady enough hand & the patience to sit still that long. This girl is amazing.

Homemade Nutter Butters - Can you even imagine how amazing these must taste!?

Easy Knit Produce Bag Tutorial - I have SO many old t shirts in drawers that I've been meaning to throw out but this seems like such a great idea! And it's good for the environment & cuts down on so much waste. Plus how cute are they!?

Let me know if you enjoyed this in the comments below!! I'm planning on doing this feature once a month as of right now.


photos all belong to their respective owners (can be found in links provided) -- the only photo that belongs to me is the photo of the pie at the top of the page

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