Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring/Summer Scents

I was never very interested in perfume growing up. Granted, I was a tomboy pretty far into high school. Once I got to college I started wearing makeup on a regular basis, but it wasn't until about three/four years ago that I really started enjoying it. Recently I've started trying new things and being a little less picky about scent, especially since often you can't tell what it smells like until you smell it on yourself.

That being said, I have specific & favorite scents I use mostly in the winter and ones I use exclusively in the warmer months of the year.

These are my favorite spring/summer perfumes!

left to right: Daisy by Marc Jacobs solid perfume ring (violet leaf, wild strawberry, grapefruit, jasmine, gardenia, violet, white woods, vanilla and musk) // "I Want Candy" by tokyomilk (apples, peaches, violets, roses) // Be Delicious by DKNY (apple, rose, cucumber, orchid, white lily, sandalwood and amber) // and "Stella" by TOCCA (musk, white freesia, blood orange and spicy lily)


Friday, March 16, 2012


Ryan unexpectedly decided to stay the night at his place, which always knocks my sleep schedule off. If I have fore-warning that he won't be here a night or so beforehand, I can better prepare myself for being alone in my apartment all night.

I get anxious and paranoid really easily so I normally end up staying up the whole night watching netflix or painting. And since there's 16 seasons of Southpark and I'm having an art block, last night seemed like the perfect time to paint little portraits of my bestie (my sweet little Taylor) and a few friends (some of whom also happen to have blogs).

Taylor of A Thunder Heart


Catherine of seecreatures

& my sister, Kait.

Yay fwiends!


If you want a portrait of yourself or someone else, hop on over to my etsy and click on the custom portrait listing. c:


Nothing much to report, just thought the blog was in need of a little mini Coco post.



Have a nice Friday!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black Velvet

My Jeffrey Campbell Wanted heels came in! I fell in love with them a few months ago after seeing them on Kaelah from little chief honeybee. I quickly realized there was no way I could afford them, though she somehow found them for $30.

Fast forward to last week. Ryan was looking for something to get me since he'd missed Christmas and Valentine's and I found them on sale! I was reluctant at first since I've never used footnotes, but they arrived promptly and in great condition! No problems at all.

These shoes are bizarrely comfortable so far. I've worn them around the apartment all day (in an ugly tank and ripped shorts--very stylish), making sure I'll be able to walk in them in public and not fall down and hurt myself/break my ankle.

At first I was worried they would look a little too over-the-top on me (which is not my style at all), but after seeing pictures of them on my feet I feel better.

Can't wait to wear them out!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Domestic Itch

For some reason when summer hits, I get this over-whelming urge to make pie and popsicles and jams. I can already feel it creeping up on me since it's only getting warmer here in Texas. We normally have around two weeks of spring and then we dive straight into summer. This gives me a bit of time to collect some new recipes to try.

Any suggestions? I'm really excited about the prospect of trying to make my own jam this year! If I find any great recipes, I'll be sure to share c:


Saturday, March 10, 2012

BloodMilk Jewelry

Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of anything a little bit creepy. It's why I spend a lot of time on ebay looking at weird Victorian era mourning jewelry. And why Rosemary's Baby & The Exorcist are two of my favorite movies. I love being just a little bit scared. And bloodmilk's jewelry is right up my alley. It's really beautiful and looks incredibly well crafted, but it's also a bit unsettling and morbid.

These are a few of the pieces I've been lusting after. Especially the swan song ring. So pretty!!

Here's hoping either I'll receive one of these as a birthday gift or I'll have the willpower to save up some money. Neither are likely, sadly.


P.S. Here's a link to her blog too!

Friday, March 9, 2012

New Lipsticks

So, I've been on the lookout for a pretty pink lipstick the past few weeks since spring is around the corner and lips are the one thing I'm still a little inexperienced with when it comes to make up. I see so many pretty shades on the internet from expensive brands but since my lips are pretty pigmented and my skin-tone is so very very pink, I'm really unsure of what will even look good on me. And shelling out $30+ for a tube of lipstick I may look like a clown in is just not going to happen...so until I've found a realm of colors that look good with my skin/hair combo, I'll just experiment with drugstore brands.

Here are two drugstore brand lipsticks that I really like
Pink Me Up - Maybelline // Teak Rose - Revlon

As you can see below, my lips are moderately pigmented. Not very bright, but enough.

Pink Me Up is great for everyday wear and goes with most anything. It goes well with my skintone and I don't have to worry so much about it bleeding and being precise when putting it on. I normally put a clear balm on underneath to ensure my lips don't get chapped, since it's a matte color.

Teak Rose is a darker and more red/berry in color than Pink Me Up. I like it for parties or if I'm wearing darker colors. I've only worn it a few times since I worry I look silly wearing darker lipstick, but I'm hoping this is a gateway to being a bit more daring with my lip choices.

They're both really great basic lipsticks that look nice and are easy on your wallet. They both last pretty well, but I don't mind re-applying. It makes me feel fancy, haha.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

beware of me

Kimmi In a Rice Field by Twin Sister on Grooveshark


This dress has been floating around the internet for awhile now. It's hand printed and sewn by artist Leah Goren of leahgoren. I fell in love and put it in my pinterest, thinking I would never be able to get it since I'd only seen it modeled on petite bloggers + I'm normally pretty broke. I had to save my pennies and gather every little bit of courage I had to message her and ask her if she made custom orders; which she did! She was also very sweet and very thorough about measurements, which made me feel better about ordering a custom dress on the internet. And now I have a dress I love love love! I think she's accepting orders for the cat dress again, but she has a bunch of other really cute things for sale on her etsy!


Coco was terrified of the tripod, but I managed to get one cute picture with her where I wasn't blinking and she was relatively still. Taking pictures of yourself is frustrating. I am not very photogenic and my resting face looks very close to a normal person's angry face, so getting an okay looking picture of me is way harder than it should be. I assume I'm not the only person who has this problem.

dress - leahgoren // cardigan - target

Also, check out the song at the top of the post by Twin Sister! The video is super creepy and wonderful.