Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013 Favorites

Well, it's May & my birthday is approximately 8 days away (the ninth). The thought of turning 25 is terrifying and sort of depressing. I felt the same way about turning 20 and it turned out ok in the end. I have work the day of so I'll be pretty well distracted & the weekend afterwards I'm planning on making ice cream & having a girls night.

Enough about my fear of aging, let's get on to my favorites for the month!


 photo aprilbeautyfavefinal_zpsb3d97a60.jpg
top row (left to right) : nars 'douceur' blush // revlon 'peach parfait' lip butter // mac 'pure zen' lipstick // body shop 'mango' lip butter
bottom row (left to right): body shop 'coconut' body butter // hard candy 'tiki' so baked bronzer // nars sheer glow foundation 'mont blanc'


As much as I normally like a little color in my cheeks, I've been favoring this blush above all others because the weather has been so unpredictable this spring. It's 84 one day and then drops into the 30's for three days. It's not winter, it's not spring. So instead of wearing corals and sweet pinks like it's spring or my berry and rose hues like it's winter, I've been opting for good old 'Douceur'. Read more about it in my review of it here.


I received a sample of this color in some Target beauty sample bag I got last year and I instantly fell in love with the sheer shimmery peach shade. Normally I'm not one for any sort of ~*sparkle*~ on my lips but since purchasing this shade I've really changed my tune about them. Wear -time is pretty standard. Since it's moisturizing and a little more sheer, you have to re-apply fairly often but you don't need a mirror or anything to apply it. It's just easy and pretty and if you want a better review of the Revlon Lip Butters, I recommend looking on youtube or googling it because these are fairly commonly reviewed. Bloggers freaked out about these when they first came out.


I've been wearing this lipstick a lot when I'm not wearing 'Peach Parfait'. This is my lipstick I wear if I'm wearing a loud outfit or a lot of white. It's simple and when I first bought it I really didn't think I was going to get ANY use out of it. Nude lipsticks are not something I typically gravitate towards. But I bought because I thought it would be a bit darker & it was the only shade from the MAC Marilyn collection that looked like something I could wear. I don't wear red shades & that was predominantly what the collection was since it was Marilyn Monroe themed. But this shade is actually just the right amount of paleness and peach and pigment that when swiped over my fairly pigmented lips, it just tones them down and gives them a pale peach sheen. I really recommend this nude lipstick for anyone who's scared to try a nude lip. If I can do it, you can. Pinky swear.


THIS. Ahh this smells so good. It smells like an orange dreamsicle. The only other thing I've bought that smelled this good was Bed Head's Self Absorbed Conditioner. I could smell that stuff all day. Anyways, this is the lip balm I have on my nightstand to use before I go to bed. I like that it doesn't have a taste so it doesn't mix with the taste of your toothpaste after just brushing your teeth. It's not the most moisturizing thing I've ever used but I like it pretty well and I added it to my basket to reach a certain price to use a voucher online. I've just been using it a lot and it smells AMAZING.


I never thought I would ever ever EVER use anything coconut scented but this honestly doesn't even really smell that coconut-y to me. Maybe it smells like sugary toasted coconut. I don't know. All I know is it smells good and it has the same intense hydrating & softening properties as my beloved Brazil Nut Body Butter. Both are made by The Body Shop so I guess I shouldn't be surprised-- but now that the Brazil Nut scent has been discontinued and the formula will be changed or something (I don't know) at least I have an alternative that I like.


I recently reviewed this "bronzer" (here), but the short of it is that it's more of a highlighter. And hot-dog, it is pretty. Super subtle sheen & it's supposedly a $9 dupe for Dior's Amber Diamond. I've basically used this everyday I've worn makeup since I bought it. My poor sweet NARS Albatross feels so unloved and looked-over I'm sure.


I have both a full review (here) & a mini vs review (here) of this marvelous foundation up. I originally thought I would be happier with NARS Sheer Matte foundation since my skin is combination-oily & normally matte foundations just last longer on my skin. But it turns out that Sheer Glow is easier to blend and doesn't come across super 'dewy' like I was worried it would. I just swipe a bit of powder over it and it's a bit more matte. I wear the shade 'Mont Blanc' which is perfect for anyone super pale with pink/cool undertones. This is the closest foundation match to my skin that I've ever come across. I love this foundation. I'm glad I got it during Sephora's Chicweek 15% off deal they had going on. I only paid $35 & I know it'll last me for quite a while!


 photo iphonecharger_zps5b89c8a5.jpg

After seeing this cell phone dock on Anthropologie, I decided I needed it since I have a really strong dislike of exposed cords (looks like a hot mess) and it's practical and uhhh it's precious.

But no way in hell am I gonna pay $60 for a book with a cord in it. So I looked on pinterest for a DIY & found this tutorial. I bought my vintage Nancy Drew book on etsy for around $4(here here or here) but you could really use any book you think is pretty or matches your decor. Then I asked my dad if he could lend me his exacto blade (never mind I'm an artist and I probably have one somewhere in my apartment) while I was visiting & he offered to make it for me! Win win I say.

So now I have this awesome phone dock & conversation piece! I'm already trying to decide on a book to use for the next charger for our living room. Hmmm...


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

I turn 25 on May 9th & while I'm dreading it, I am looking forward to having an excuse to buy myself something cute.

 photo birthday25final_zps429e9f67.jpg
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

1. Betsey Johnson 'Having a Field Day' Handbag

2. Cath Kidston Ladybird Enamel Earrings

3. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in 'Tender Night'

4. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

5. Absolutely Adorn-able Flat in Sky

6. NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in 'Barrow Street'

I know I won't get the Betsey Johnson purse unless I buy it for myself (which I might) since I have a $50 Modcloth giftcard I haven't spent. Just gotta wait until it comes back in stock. I love love both of the NARS products featured -- they're from the NARS summer 2013 collection. The lip pencil apparently doesn't have much pigment but the iridescence is so pretty & I have fairly pigmented lips anyways. I can already invision myself using the seafoam green eyeliner as a pop of color in my water line or making a neat cat-eye look when I wear something white & girly. Augh, I want them so bad. Why do things cost moneys?

Have you checked out the new NARS summer collection? Is there anything you've got your eye on?


Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Obsession: Early Grey Green Tea

I know this isn't terribly exciting, but I obviously don't care seeing as how I'm still posting about it.

 photo earlgreygreen_zps93c9d3c3.jpg
left to right: anthro monogrammed mug // bigelow earl grey green tea // anthro grapefruit sugar bowl

I LOVE this tea. It has the health benefits of green tea with the taste of earl grey. Perfect for anyone trying to add green tea to their diet without giving up drinking earl grey.

I like mine with a bit of non dairy creamer & raw sugar or honey.

Now go try it. Or don't. Whatever floats your boat.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's in my Makeup Bag?

I'm super nosy & I love taking a peek at what other people have in their bags so here's a chance to see what I bring with me while I'm out and about.

 photo insidemymakeupbag_zps0b02644e.jpg
left to right: mac prep + prime lip // 'rose' fresh sugar lip treatment // random forever 21 brush // nars 'douceur' blush // maybelline purestay powder spf 15 in 'ivory' // boots no7 brush

I normally carry my trusty Maybelline Purestay Powder Foundation with SPF 15 because it's one of the few things with SPF in it that won't make me break out. I don't normally use it in the morning when I apply my makeup but I like it for touch-ups. Both brushes are cheap but serve their purpose & I know I won't be heartbroken if I lose them. I normally switch out my blush depending on what I'm wearing that day & the same goes for my lipstick. MAC Prep + Prime is awesome for setting my lips to make my lipstick color last longer and go on smoother. I like keeping it on me for re-applying my lipstick. I should honestly have one for home and one for my bag because I like it that much. I keep my Fresh Sugar 'Rose' lip treatment in my bag permanently because it's good for it's moisturizing properties and for a quick sweep of pretty color. + I love the way it smells! It reminds me of the way fruity pebbles cereal tastes or smells or something. Kind of lemony but sweet? It doesn't have a taste but mm that smell, I love it.

I know my makeup bag I keep in my purse for everyday touch-ups isn't really exciting but it serves it's purpose and it's a good excuse to have a kitten print bag in my purse. Is your makeup bag over-run with random products? I try to keep my things organized for fear of losing them when I switch purses but I bet full bags are way more fun to look through!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review: Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in 'Tiki'

 photo sdgr_zps90fd6fee.jpg

 photo back_zpsb34b1e15.jpg

 photo close_zpsbbc9144d.jpg

I can't remember where I first heard about this but I know it's supposedly a dupe for Dior's Amber Diamond highlighter. I have no idea if it is since I don't own it's more expensive counterpart.

While it's called a 'bronzer' it's really FAR too light to be considered anything more than a highlighter. And what a gorgeous highlighter it is. It's much more subtle than my NARS Albatross or MAC creme color in 'pearl' and it's so beautiful on the skin. So if you have naturally oily skin like I do (aka a grease-pit), you may prefer this over some of the more intense highlighters available.

I've taken to applying it with my Real Techniques buffing brush so I can get a nice sweep of subtle sheen all over my cheekbones and brow. I especially like pairing it with my NARS 'Douceur' blush and a peachy nude lip. Since it's been teetering between hot and cold this spring in north Texas I find it's easier to go with a neutral but well sculpted cheek and peachy lip. It just feels right, man.

 photo swatch_zps6bcb6079.jpg
left: swatch // right: blended swatch

 photo hollow01_zps42b3e23a.jpg

The only drawback to this 'bronzer' is that if you live in the US, you can only find it at Wal-Mart & it retails for $9.00. Now, I don't know about you, but I HATE having to go to Wal-Mart. I never shop there unless I have to and they don't do store coupons so I can't get cosmetics for super cheap like I can at Walgreens or CVS.

HOWEVER this highlighter is worth braving the dead-eyed Wal-Mart shoppers and weirdly long lines (1pm on a Tuesday?? wth) because it's beautiful and relatively inexpensive.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Makeup & Travel Bags

I was piddling around in Forever21 (like one does) a few weeks ago and I fell in love with these cosmetics bags. I have to babysit overnight fairly frequently & I use cosmetic bags to store my hair and makeup bits, so this felt like a pretty reasonable purchase. Plus, each case ranged in price between 6 and 10 dollars. Not exactly breaking the bank if you know what I mean.

 photo newmakeupbags_zps8cbf0f81.jpg

(They don't have these exact sizes available on their website so I've linked the pouch version of the french bulldog print case and the train-type bag version of the cat print bag. Hopefully that makes sense. Just click on the links and you'll see what I mean.)

I use the cat one for storing my makeup I use for touch-ups & the french bulldog print one is perfect for carrying my makeup when I go out of town or have to babysit over-night. I haven't figured out what to use the yellow one for yet since it's kind of a peculiar shape but rest assured I'll find a use for it.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring 2013 Beauty Wishlist

Today it was a balmy 84 degrees in Denton and it finally felt like spring! I know it's supposed to dip back down into the 40's-60's the next few days so here's a little wishlist to get you in the spirit! I've been stumped on what to wear with this constantly fluctuating weather but I can't wait to fully commit to super bright colors & pastels.

 photo springwishlist_zps2909c909.jpg
1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5.

1. Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in 'Porcelain' - $38 USD
2. MAC 'Painterly' Paint Pot - $18.50 USD
3. Stila Convertible Color in 'Gladiola' - $25 USD
4. NARS Roman Holiday Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - $25 USD
5. Melvita Floral Water in 'Rose' - $22 USD


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: NARS 'Douceur' Blush

 photo douceur02draft_zps7d328abb.jpg

Described on the NARS website as a "soft pink-brown", 'Douceur' serves as a matte cheek contouring blush. When applied it creates perfectly sculpted cheekbones with the tiniest bit of soft dusty-rose color.

 photo douceur03draft_zpsbdb9b517.jpg

This is the blush I reach for when I'm unsure of what I want to wear that day or if I just want my makeup to look classy and really put together.

I've paired it with my MAC Marilyn Monroe lipstick in 'Pure Zen' which is a really beautiful nude lipstick that isn't too pale on the lips (trust me I'm the pickiest about nude lipsticks). I believe it's available in their normal range of lipsticks so you don't have to try and hunt down the Marilyn Monroe packaged one by any means (found it!). & Douceur has a matte finish but I'm wearing a Hard Candy highlighter (tiki) in the photos so that's why there's a slight sheen. Look for a full review of that highlighter in the future!

This photo really doesn't do the blush justice, but it's been gross and cloudy out all week so it's all I've got!
 photo tinytogether_zpsfceb517f.jpg
on my face: nars sheer glow foundation in 'mont blanc' // hard candy so baked bronzer in 'tiki' // nars 'douceur' blush // mac lipstick in 'pure zen'

NARS 'Douceur' Blush retails for $29 USD at Sephora & the NARS official website.

In conclusion, if you've been looking for something soft and subtle that will give you amazing looking cheekbones, definitely give NARS 'Douceur' a chance.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment Review

 photo gfjjjj_zps5bb00af2.jpg

I had never heard of this particular mud mask until a few weeks ago when I accompanied Taylor on her hunt for a sample of GLAMGLOW. On a whim I asked the Sephora sales associate for a sample as well because why the heck not. I managed to squeeze two and a half uses out of that sample & I fell in love.

While I'm not particularly a fan of the smell, (something between dirt and mint??) the effects were definitely worthwhile.

On the back of the jar it says it is supposed to help with: pores, problem skin, blemishes, pimples, breakouts, zits, spots, black and white heads, razor bumps, & in-grown hairs

Well, I've really only tried it on my face so I can only attest to it's blemish treating/pore minimizing attributes. I use it maybe once a week if I remember and I can definitely see a significant difference in the size of my pores and the overall feel of my skin. The first few days after using it my skin always feels softer and my makeup just glides on. I have fewer breakouts and when I use the mask (combined with a few other bits I use) if I'm having a breakout or problem area, my face looks significantly better the next day. Pimples start to dry up, bumps go down, etc.

Essentially you put it on your face, I normally focus on my t-zone and where my pores are largest and you let it sit for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or 20 minutes. I always do 20 minutes because I wanna get the most out of my money & despite my skin being pretty sensitive, this doesn't seem to bother it at all. In the meantime you can watch the mask slowly pull all of the oil and gunk out of your pores. It's pretty gross but it's also fascinating. Look up photos if you want to see what it looks like, I'm not posting a photo of me wearing it, no no no.

Despite it's ridiculous price tag ($69 USD for 1.2oz of product at Sephora) I will probably repurchase it when I run out because:

1) I don't use it but once a week so it's going to take me quite some time to use it up &

2)I bought it off of Amazon for $39 USD

HOWEVER, and this is a big however, I haven't tried many masks so maybe this isn't some sort of magical mud, maybe this is what most mud masks do and I'm just a sucker for buying this really expensive one.

So, if you're feeling like maybe this could help you like it helped me, go to Sephora & get a sample. If nothing else, you'll get to feel really fancy & gross a couple of times for free.