Wednesday, March 5, 2014

LP Wishlist

 photo Untitled-1_zpsc6afd275.png
row 1: the smiths - the queen is dead // arcade fire - the suburbs // no doubt - return to saturn
row 2: the cure - disintegration // lorde - pure heroine // arcade fire - reflektor
row 3: new order - power, corruption & lies // the smiths - meat is murder // the knife - silent shout

I've been working on filling out the rest of my record collection! Especially now that I have a record player that's not an antique that belonged to my dearly departed grandparents. It's older than my mother as she has memories of dancing on her daddy's feet while they played LPs on it. So it's something I really love & treasure & want to last forever. Which to me means playing it very seldom until I get it looked at and rewired & possibly refurbished.

Since it's a huge old wooden cabinet with wicker laced speakers nobody ever knew it was a record player when they'd come over (the reason I ended up with it is because nobody in my family even knew what it was until I lifted the top & flipped out. I remember more than a few people scoffing at my record collection (I guess in an attempt to imply I was trying to be a hipster or something because they didn't realize I actually had something to play them on??) when they would come over. I'm by no means an LP snob, I enjoy the way they sound & love the aesthetic but I mostly love that most LPs come with a complimentary download of the album! I used to lose/scratch/??? all of my CDs so this honestly seems like the most cost-effective way of having a physical copy of music I love.

But anyways, I mentioned my new record player in this blog post & it is the apple of my eye at the moment. I've become obsessed with finding any album I have any sort of emotional attachment to in LP form. The list above is a mixture of classic favorites & new loves I'm dying to buy. Now if only money were no object...

So are you an LP collector or do you stick strictly to mp3 format? Anyone out there still buying CDs?? I'm pretty sure I haven't actually bought a CD that wasn't a present for someone else in well over 7 years.

I scratch the HELL outta CDS.