Monday, April 30, 2012

Movie Monday - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Based on a play by Tennessee Williams and starring Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, & Burl Ives, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a movie about a dysfunctional southern family. Maggie "The Cat" and her husband, Brick are visiting his parents for his father's 60th birthday party because it's suspected he's dying of cancer. The strain on their marriage is slowly revealed throughout the movie, piece by piece revealing itself to the viewer. I know that there were homosexual themes in the play that were completely removed from the movie, which is a real shame. I feel like it really would have added a lot to the movie and would have explained a LOT of things. Plus, I hate it when movies disregard a huge theme or portion present in the original book or play. But, it's a sign of the times. As are a few other things in this movie.


I think what initially drew me into watching this movie was that I knew it was set in Mississippi in the 1950s. My mother's side of the family is from Mississippi and I spent about half of my childhood there, 8 hours away from Houston- in Jackson. Two of the towns my mom lived in when she was growing up in were actually film locations for 'The Help' (Greenwood & Jackson for anyone who cares).


The movie is beautiful. The colors and scenery are amazing and the authenticity of the inner workings of a family with a lot of problems, is truly amazing. I'm really interested in seeing or reading the play.


All in all, it's worth a watch. I watched it on Netflix, but I'm sure if you have cable, you can probably watch it on TCM or something.

"Maggie the cat is alive! I'm alive!"


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

Oh My God by Ida Maria on Grooveshark

I'll be turning 24 on May 9th so I put together a wishlist to kill time. I'm excited about having my little party this year and making home made ice cream.

I normally buy myself a dress or outfit for my birthday that is relatively expensive as a treat to myself, but this year I just never really found anything I was in love with. So my mom is helping me make a really beautiful sheer pink party dress this year. It's going to be so so pretty!

Anyways, these are some of the things I've been lusting after the past few months, some of which I know I will never own, haha.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

honorable mentions:


1 2 3


Friday, April 27, 2012

Instagram #2

Photobucket Photobucket

I haven't done an instagram update in a while. My instagram is ribbonsincurls, feel free to follow me on instagram or webstagram if you don't have an iphone or android. c:


Thursday, April 26, 2012


Edit: Woah, totally didn't mean to post this earlier this week, since I hadn't finished it. I recently switched to the new version of blogger, and I clearly wasn't paying attention to which button I pushed! Doh! It's done now though


The Moon by The Microphones on Grooveshark

I'm not sure if it's all the Mass Effect 3 I've been playing, or if it's because lately the nights here in North Texas have been clear and cool, but I have the worst hankering to go star-gazing. I want to drive out to some dark remote location with all my friends, bring some refreshments and snacks, Coco, and some quilts and watch stars.

I've always always loved space. As a kid, it was something that both intrigued and terrified me. I remember my grandparents had a viewfinder series about the moon that came with an audio tape you were supposed to listen to while clicking through the images. The music was reminiscent of the Blade Runner soundtrack, and the narrator talked about the vacuum of space, the emptiness and silence. To be honest, it really freaked me out but I probably listened to that tape about a hundred times.

I'm really glad movies like Melancholia and Moon (both of which I thoroughly enjoyed) weren't around when I was young, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't think space was nearly as beautiful and eerie. I think I would just be afraid of it.

Anyways, here are some space related links and things I've dug up, including some of my favorite space-related movies and television shows:


Vintage Print Plate of Spring Stars via niminsshop on etsy


New Line Astronomy Notebook via celestefrittata on etsy


Custom Constellation Pendant via daydreamstitching on etsy


Taurus Constellation Pendant Necklace via julienolan on etsy


Blade Runner
Star Wars (episode IV, V, and VI)
Doctor Who

Have a nice day!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Teddy Girl

About a week or so ago, Taylor and I went out to have a girls day- full of frozen yogurt, make-up and wandering aimlessly around various stores.

I bought a few things, but my favorite purchase of the day was this beautiful Butter nail polish from Ulta called 'Teddy Girl'. It set me back a whopping $14 -- The most I will and have ever paid for nail polish. I'm cheap, so I scoured the store looking for a comparable ballerina pink, but everything was either too cool or too warm. So I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore nailpolish for the next few months to make up for it. I really have enough, so that shouldn't be a problem.

It looks a little rough because it's been in my purse.

I was worried I would regret it once I got home, but I love it so much! Haha, it's the only color I've had on my nails since I bought it.
Bonus: It's the exact same shade as all of my pink Kitchenaid items. My favorite shade of pink.

Despite the price tag, I highly recommend it. I had to do three layers to get it to the opacity I wanted, but it dries relatively fast, doesn't go on gunky, and looks so so pretty on!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Detachable Pearl Collar Necklace

Photobucket So after seeing this interview with Marina (of Marina and the Diamonds), I decided I needed a detachable pearl collar. I was fairly certain I'd seen it on sale somewhere before. Hah, but since I was looking for it, suddenly it was nowhere to be found.

So, I decided to make it myself.

I bought the pearl portion on etsy and used my jewelry making skills to make it into an adjustable necklace.

The only problem I'm running into is finding tops to wear it with. I bought a lilac peplum top from ASOS that should be here within the week, so expect to see this collar again.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Rainbow Slaw

I love pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw. It's an odd choice of comfort food in that I haven't actually liked barbeque for very long and I'm not actually a big fan of pork.

It's strange to think that as a kid I hated barbeque, though I think it's because I hadn't found a BBQ sauce that I liked. I'm more partial to vinegar-y tasting sauces, and most of the time if you go out for barbeque in Texas, the sauce is more on the sweet side.

Anyways, I bought a crock-pot/slow cooker a week or so ago and I'd been itching to use it. I'm gone for work until late some nights and there's no opportunity to cook when I get home, so having something already made and hot that Ryan can eat when he gets home from class sounded like a dream come true.

So when Taylor mentioned she'd found a really great recipe on Pinterest that was super easy (only 4 ingredients!) and made for the crock-pot, I tried it.

I'm soso glad I did, especially since I was side-eyeing the part about adding a can of diet pepsi to the mix. It was so good! And it made enough for lunch today and maybe a bit extra! The only thing I changed about the recipe was that I used Stubb's regular BBQ sauce instead of the one they recommended, because I wanted a less sweet tasting pulled pork.

As for the coleslaw, I just used a rainbow slaw mix I got at the grocery store (it has broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and red cabbage). I prefer the rainbow slaw to regular cabbage slaw mix because you're getting more vitamins and a better variety of veggies, especially since you're not really eating something particularly healthy. Then I mix just a little bit of Marzetti's coleslaw dressing in, salt and pepper it, and voila!

pulled pork recipe via Sweet & Savory Food blog

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter! This is my first Easter that I haven't gone home for, which is weird since I've missed plenty of other major holidays. I spent most of the day either talking to my mom on the phone or making crock pot pulled pork. I wish I'd made deviled eggs. Oh well.

Ryan was out of town with family most of the weekend, which gave me plenty of time to pretend I was a bachelorette, watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and play Mass Effect 3.

I had a nice time but I'm glad he's home.

I hope you had a nice weekend!


Remember, Easter candy will be on sale tomorrow..

Reese's pb eggs here I come.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Estate Sale + Daisies

I love estate sales. Sometimes I feel a little guilty going to them, especially since I know most of the time they're happening because of a death or because an older person is downsizing and moving out of their own home, and into the home of a loved one/ assisted living.

But I try to think of it as rescuing well loved items from being thrown away or in this specific case, being turned into a pair of pants.

The house was beautiful and incredibly well-maintained. So often you see houses in a state of disrepair, squeaky floorboards, ceilings cracked from shifting foundations, and a thick layer of dust over everything. Each doorknob was clean crystal and the walls were a bright white with shiny wooden floors. It was very much a "shabby chic" home -- I felt like I was walking into Rachel Ashwell's house. All of the items that were for sale were clean and in excellent condition. I saw this sweet piece of brass and knew it had to be mine. I've been needing things to hang on my walls, and this fits my style perfectly. Bows and all.


After exploring the house, I went outside onto the screened in porch to look at the linens and found these. Some are hand towels, others are mismatched curtains, and the bottom bit of fabric is a huge beautiful cream and silver woven table-cloth. At first I thought it was a blanket...and I guess it technically still could be. When I went to pay, the girl who checked me out said she was disappointed that I was buying the table-cloth. She said she had been planning on buying it and turning it into a pair of pants...

top to bottom: large pink crocheted doily, pink polka dot curtain, pink embroidered dishtowel, white embroidered dishtowel, silver & cream striped table cloth

D: I like to think I rescued it from becoming either a failed project (it would have unraveled) or some incredibly weird looking pants.


I also bought myself some daisies at the grocery store because they were on sale, and I'm so glad I did. They've been a real pick-me up these last few days.

art on wall (left to right): "Copper, my good friend" original by wishcandy // "Tilly" by me

I'm still trying to find the right frame for the beautiful watercolor I bought from wishcandy last month! Everything I find fits it weird or I'd have to cut it down, and that isn't happening. If you want to buy anything from her, I suggest you do it now! In two weeks or so, she's shutting her etsy down for a few months while she moves.