Monday, April 2, 2012

Estate Sale + Daisies

I love estate sales. Sometimes I feel a little guilty going to them, especially since I know most of the time they're happening because of a death or because an older person is downsizing and moving out of their own home, and into the home of a loved one/ assisted living.

But I try to think of it as rescuing well loved items from being thrown away or in this specific case, being turned into a pair of pants.

The house was beautiful and incredibly well-maintained. So often you see houses in a state of disrepair, squeaky floorboards, ceilings cracked from shifting foundations, and a thick layer of dust over everything. Each doorknob was clean crystal and the walls were a bright white with shiny wooden floors. It was very much a "shabby chic" home -- I felt like I was walking into Rachel Ashwell's house. All of the items that were for sale were clean and in excellent condition. I saw this sweet piece of brass and knew it had to be mine. I've been needing things to hang on my walls, and this fits my style perfectly. Bows and all.


After exploring the house, I went outside onto the screened in porch to look at the linens and found these. Some are hand towels, others are mismatched curtains, and the bottom bit of fabric is a huge beautiful cream and silver woven table-cloth. At first I thought it was a blanket...and I guess it technically still could be. When I went to pay, the girl who checked me out said she was disappointed that I was buying the table-cloth. She said she had been planning on buying it and turning it into a pair of pants...

top to bottom: large pink crocheted doily, pink polka dot curtain, pink embroidered dishtowel, white embroidered dishtowel, silver & cream striped table cloth

D: I like to think I rescued it from becoming either a failed project (it would have unraveled) or some incredibly weird looking pants.


I also bought myself some daisies at the grocery store because they were on sale, and I'm so glad I did. They've been a real pick-me up these last few days.

art on wall (left to right): "Copper, my good friend" original by wishcandy // "Tilly" by me

I'm still trying to find the right frame for the beautiful watercolor I bought from wishcandy last month! Everything I find fits it weird or I'd have to cut it down, and that isn't happening. If you want to buy anything from her, I suggest you do it now! In two weeks or so, she's shutting her etsy down for a few months while she moves.


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