Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring/Summer Scents

I was never very interested in perfume growing up. Granted, I was a tomboy pretty far into high school. Once I got to college I started wearing makeup on a regular basis, but it wasn't until about three/four years ago that I really started enjoying it. Recently I've started trying new things and being a little less picky about scent, especially since often you can't tell what it smells like until you smell it on yourself.

That being said, I have specific & favorite scents I use mostly in the winter and ones I use exclusively in the warmer months of the year.

These are my favorite spring/summer perfumes!

left to right: Daisy by Marc Jacobs solid perfume ring (violet leaf, wild strawberry, grapefruit, jasmine, gardenia, violet, white woods, vanilla and musk) // "I Want Candy" by tokyomilk (apples, peaches, violets, roses) // Be Delicious by DKNY (apple, rose, cucumber, orchid, white lily, sandalwood and amber) // and "Stella" by TOCCA (musk, white freesia, blood orange and spicy lily)


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