Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black Velvet

My Jeffrey Campbell Wanted heels came in! I fell in love with them a few months ago after seeing them on Kaelah from little chief honeybee. I quickly realized there was no way I could afford them, though she somehow found them for $30.

Fast forward to last week. Ryan was looking for something to get me since he'd missed Christmas and Valentine's and I found them on sale! I was reluctant at first since I've never used footnotes, but they arrived promptly and in great condition! No problems at all.

These shoes are bizarrely comfortable so far. I've worn them around the apartment all day (in an ugly tank and ripped shorts--very stylish), making sure I'll be able to walk in them in public and not fall down and hurt myself/break my ankle.

At first I was worried they would look a little too over-the-top on me (which is not my style at all), but after seeing pictures of them on my feet I feel better.

Can't wait to wear them out!