Friday, March 9, 2012

New Lipsticks

So, I've been on the lookout for a pretty pink lipstick the past few weeks since spring is around the corner and lips are the one thing I'm still a little inexperienced with when it comes to make up. I see so many pretty shades on the internet from expensive brands but since my lips are pretty pigmented and my skin-tone is so very very pink, I'm really unsure of what will even look good on me. And shelling out $30+ for a tube of lipstick I may look like a clown in is just not going to until I've found a realm of colors that look good with my skin/hair combo, I'll just experiment with drugstore brands.

Here are two drugstore brand lipsticks that I really like
Pink Me Up - Maybelline // Teak Rose - Revlon

As you can see below, my lips are moderately pigmented. Not very bright, but enough.

Pink Me Up is great for everyday wear and goes with most anything. It goes well with my skintone and I don't have to worry so much about it bleeding and being precise when putting it on. I normally put a clear balm on underneath to ensure my lips don't get chapped, since it's a matte color.

Teak Rose is a darker and more red/berry in color than Pink Me Up. I like it for parties or if I'm wearing darker colors. I've only worn it a few times since I worry I look silly wearing darker lipstick, but I'm hoping this is a gateway to being a bit more daring with my lip choices.

They're both really great basic lipsticks that look nice and are easy on your wallet. They both last pretty well, but I don't mind re-applying. It makes me feel fancy, haha.


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