Sunday, April 15, 2012

Teddy Girl

About a week or so ago, Taylor and I went out to have a girls day- full of frozen yogurt, make-up and wandering aimlessly around various stores.

I bought a few things, but my favorite purchase of the day was this beautiful Butter nail polish from Ulta called 'Teddy Girl'. It set me back a whopping $14 -- The most I will and have ever paid for nail polish. I'm cheap, so I scoured the store looking for a comparable ballerina pink, but everything was either too cool or too warm. So I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore nailpolish for the next few months to make up for it. I really have enough, so that shouldn't be a problem.

It looks a little rough because it's been in my purse.

I was worried I would regret it once I got home, but I love it so much! Haha, it's the only color I've had on my nails since I bought it.
Bonus: It's the exact same shade as all of my pink Kitchenaid items. My favorite shade of pink.

Despite the price tag, I highly recommend it. I had to do three layers to get it to the opacity I wanted, but it dries relatively fast, doesn't go on gunky, and looks so so pretty on!


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