Thursday, April 26, 2012


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The Moon by The Microphones on Grooveshark

I'm not sure if it's all the Mass Effect 3 I've been playing, or if it's because lately the nights here in North Texas have been clear and cool, but I have the worst hankering to go star-gazing. I want to drive out to some dark remote location with all my friends, bring some refreshments and snacks, Coco, and some quilts and watch stars.

I've always always loved space. As a kid, it was something that both intrigued and terrified me. I remember my grandparents had a viewfinder series about the moon that came with an audio tape you were supposed to listen to while clicking through the images. The music was reminiscent of the Blade Runner soundtrack, and the narrator talked about the vacuum of space, the emptiness and silence. To be honest, it really freaked me out but I probably listened to that tape about a hundred times.

I'm really glad movies like Melancholia and Moon (both of which I thoroughly enjoyed) weren't around when I was young, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't think space was nearly as beautiful and eerie. I think I would just be afraid of it.

Anyways, here are some space related links and things I've dug up, including some of my favorite space-related movies and television shows:


Vintage Print Plate of Spring Stars via niminsshop on etsy


New Line Astronomy Notebook via celestefrittata on etsy


Custom Constellation Pendant via daydreamstitching on etsy


Taurus Constellation Pendant Necklace via julienolan on etsy


Blade Runner
Star Wars (episode IV, V, and VI)
Doctor Who

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