Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment Review

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I had never heard of this particular mud mask until a few weeks ago when I accompanied Taylor on her hunt for a sample of GLAMGLOW. On a whim I asked the Sephora sales associate for a sample as well because why the heck not. I managed to squeeze two and a half uses out of that sample & I fell in love.

While I'm not particularly a fan of the smell, (something between dirt and mint??) the effects were definitely worthwhile.

On the back of the jar it says it is supposed to help with: pores, problem skin, blemishes, pimples, breakouts, zits, spots, black and white heads, razor bumps, & in-grown hairs

Well, I've really only tried it on my face so I can only attest to it's blemish treating/pore minimizing attributes. I use it maybe once a week if I remember and I can definitely see a significant difference in the size of my pores and the overall feel of my skin. The first few days after using it my skin always feels softer and my makeup just glides on. I have fewer breakouts and when I use the mask (combined with a few other bits I use) if I'm having a breakout or problem area, my face looks significantly better the next day. Pimples start to dry up, bumps go down, etc.

Essentially you put it on your face, I normally focus on my t-zone and where my pores are largest and you let it sit for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or 20 minutes. I always do 20 minutes because I wanna get the most out of my money & despite my skin being pretty sensitive, this doesn't seem to bother it at all. In the meantime you can watch the mask slowly pull all of the oil and gunk out of your pores. It's pretty gross but it's also fascinating. Look up photos if you want to see what it looks like, I'm not posting a photo of me wearing it, no no no.

Despite it's ridiculous price tag ($69 USD for 1.2oz of product at Sephora) I will probably repurchase it when I run out because:

1) I don't use it but once a week so it's going to take me quite some time to use it up &

2)I bought it off of Amazon for $39 USD

HOWEVER, and this is a big however, I haven't tried many masks so maybe this isn't some sort of magical mud, maybe this is what most mud masks do and I'm just a sucker for buying this really expensive one.

So, if you're feeling like maybe this could help you like it helped me, go to Sephora & get a sample. If nothing else, you'll get to feel really fancy & gross a couple of times for free.



  1. This sounds lovely! I'm having nightmare skin at the moment.not sure we get this in the uk though :( xx

    1. Aw! That's such a shame if you don't. GLAMGLOW has a uk website and I saw it on amazon.co.uk so maybe there's hope that you'll get to sample it! You should try out the Body Shop's Tea Tree Mask, I use it as a spot treatment and it helps SO much if you remember to use it every night after you wash your face (and it's a heck of a lot cheaper).