Friday, July 26, 2013

Deborah Lippmann's "Mermaid's Dream" Nail Laquer Review

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Ok, first off, I have to be honest. I've wanted this nail polish for about two...maybe three years now. It was the first thing I really really wanted when I started heavily getting into beauty products-- but at $19 USD I just couldn't justify it. So I spent FOREVER looking for a dupe. Supposedly there's a dupe they sell at Urban Outfitters but the closest UO to me is all the way in Dallas. So spend $5 on a nail polish and $10 on gas seemed stupid or just say yes when your mom offers to buy it for you since she has a $10 off coupon at Beauty Brands. The answer is the latter.

I'd sworn off glitter polish because I HATE removing it but when mom said she would buy it for me, I buckled. When we got home I immediately applied it to every toenail and fingernail on my body (there's 24-- juuusss kiddin) and there it has sat for the last 5 days. I haven't had any chips and when applying you have a solid application after only two coats. The only thing I haven't been crazy about is the texture. It took two coats of topcoat for my nails to stop feeling rough.

Mermaid's Dream is a sea foam-turqouise based shimmer polish with micro gold, silver, and turquoise glitter with bigger bits of dark blue glitter. It gives off the appearance of scales or ocean waves. I bet you could do really neat beach/Animal Crossing themed nail art with this nail polish. Imagine adding a little coral seashell & a nude for the sand! Aw, I know what I'm gonna spend my empty weekend doing!

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Otherwise it's so beautiful and makes me feel like I'm a mermaid or really put together or something else silly to think when you've only just changed your nail color. I love love it, BUT I haven't tried taking it off of my nails yet, so this may be a short-lived love affair.

Apparently Deborah Lippmann has released a whole line of mermaid themed polishes in different colors! I still chose this one but for those who feel like they look sallow when wearing greenish blue polishes, now you have options!

Removing glitter nail polish really is one of my least favorite things to do. Ranked alongside going to the doctor, picking up dog poo, & chocolate cake. All things I really don't like.

Does anyone have some sort of technique when removing it? If you do, I would LOVE to hear it. I have so many beautiful glitter polishes that I only OCCASIONALLY use when I'm feeling really patient or there's some sort of party or fancy event.

Are there any beauty products that have haunted you for over a year? Share in the comments!


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