Friday, August 9, 2013

California Part 2: The Vineyard/ The Redwoods

So here's part 2 of my trip to California! We had dinner at Francis Ford Coppola's Winery one night while in CA & the food was really good but the land was beautiful and his giftshop/mini museum was the best part! This is where I bought most of the gifts for my family.

 photo coppola013600_zps7ba8a1df.jpg
 photo coppola004600_zps062ead3c.jpg
 photo 9da2eea6e07e11e2ae2422000ae904d4_7_zps9ce6a692.jpg
 photo coppola003600_zps6b637c7a.jpg
 photo coppola002600_zps83231c72.jpg
The grounds were so beautiful & there was even a baby bunny! It was quite the hit since there was a group of women taking photos together while I was checking out the back patio & my ears perked up when I heard one of them gasp and aww "baby bunnnyy!!!". And that's how I spent 10 minutes taking photos of a baby bunny.

 photo coppola012600_zps4ff40486.jpg
 photo dfjdfjn_zpsbc066b3f.jpg
 photo coppola010600_zps979c19a0.jpg
 photo coppola009600_zps65754ca8.jpg
 photo coppola011600_zps072c2ba8.jpg
desk & chair from 'The Godfather' // costumes from 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' // Coppola's awards etc // close-up shot of awards // how the t-shirts were packaged (cute!!)

A few days later Ryan, Ryan's brother and I went to a redwood forest with Ryan's uncle since he lives in northern CA & knows the area fairly well.

 photo driveby600_zps8e8f36e8.jpg

 photo redwood008600_zpsb51d6047.jpg
 photo redwood002600_zps17d6e22f.jpg
 photo redwood006600_zps5b975fc8.jpg
 photo redwood001600_zpsb62aa08e.jpg

 photo redwood007600_zpsfaee17b6.jpg
 photo redwood005600_zpscf44d19c.jpg
 photo redwood004600_zpsc8b90488.jpg

I'm really missing the views in California. It was really beautiful. Part 3 will be up next week.


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