Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ensembles: Forest Green

With Fall rearing its head all I can think about is the color forest green. It's been a favorite color since high school when I bought my first Smiths tee-shirt & paired it with my dark green cardigan. So stylish.

Anyways, I've been attempting to get better at using my wacom tablet (I've had it since 2003, you'd think I'd have tried at some point before now--ha!) and I'm starting to get the hang of it. I can draw just fine on it--it's pretty intuitive. I'm mostly having difficulties painting since I'm used to physical paints and this is quite a bit different. Though it's SO much easier to fix mistakes. What took me so long to get on the digital art bandwagon? Not sure, probably stubbornness.

So here are three outfits I thought would look amazing and pay homage to my favorite color...

 photo smithskirtblogsize_zpse70e8571.jpg
smiths shirt // cardigan // faux-leather skirt // clogs

 photo dressblogsize_zpse8b0b3d6.jpg
dress // heels

 photo frenchiesweaterblogsize_zpsce7c2824.jpg
sweater // jeans // loafers

Hope you enjoyed these! I had a blast overlaying clipping & my art. Hoping to make this a more regular feature on my blog!


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