Saturday, July 20, 2013

California Part 1 : The House

I just returned from a week spent in beautiful Santa Rosa, California. Ryan's family invited me along for a family vacation at a house they rented in the mountains. It was so beautiful and scenic and I imagine anyone who lives there is so bored of the views but in flat and dry Texas, it was a welcome change of scenery.

I'm breaking my California posts into 3 parts because I took A LOT of photos. And while I love overwhelming myself with too many photos, I don't imagine the average person wants to be bombarded with a gazillion random photos of stuff. Here we go!

 photo sanfrancisco001600_zps5897a28b.jpg
 photo sanfrancisco002600_zpsd2b30ede.jpg
 photo 2d4b3ff0ddfe11e2ab6622000ae80f1d_7_zps6a6c2496.jpg
We landed in San Francisco and drove for an hour and a half to Santa Rosa in a rental car. I snapped a few shots but mostly I was tasked with being the navigator. It was SO FOGGY! Poor Ryan was driving a car he's never driven & we were on foggy windy roads for the beginning of the drive until we hit the main highway we rode along.

 photo house005600_zpsf85f0f75.jpg
 photo ccvc_zpsf7816495.jpg
This was a shot I took hanging out of the window a bit on our way up the hills to the house we were staying at. It was so beautiful! There were deer & wild turkeys all over most of the time.

 photo a8bba0e2de0a11e29d0222000a1fbc0c_7_zps8adea12b.jpg
 photo c16c974ade0a11e296c022000a1f980f_7_zps695c6b79.jpg
 photo house006600_zpsf968e4fc.jpg
This is the front & side of the driveway of the house we stayed in for the week. It was so beautiful & big. We had 9 people staying there part of the week & Ryan and I got to have our own room & bathroom which was so nice! The kitchen (which I managed to get absolutely no good photos of) had a huge AGA stove in it which was really neat to use but made the house so HOT during the day since it's on 24/7. Seems more advantageous for a colder climate. The house was really really nice.

 photo house001600_zpsaa823e3f.jpg
 photo house004600_zpsa2235735.jpg
This is part of the backyard area. There was a huge multi-level garden leading up to the pool & pool house and off the right of the stairs there was an outside kitchen & a botchi-ball court & more land with a small hiking trail. The second photo is the view from the botchi-ball court. This photo honestly doesn't do the view justice at all but I tried my best. Down below there was this tree with purple flowers covering it that was always swarming with hummingbirds during the day. It was awesome but impossible to photograph.

 photo house002600_zpsed96f9ff.jpg
 photo house003600_zps29d5331f.jpg
The trail led to this little area where the owners had kept chickens & goats when they lived in the house but apparently a mountain lion kept getting in and eating everything :o I avoided this area after the word 'mountain lion' came up. Close up of the wheat (I thought it was so pretty!) that my mom was really baffled by -- "What is this?? Why did you take a photo of it??". I really like taking detail shots of things because it helps me remember things better. Maybe it's weird but I don't care!

Hope you enjoyed this! I'll have more photos in a few more days after I finish editing and organizing all of my photos. I feel like I took a million photos over the course of that week!


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