Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dallas World Aquarium

Now that Ryan and I spend the majority of our time apart since we aren't living together, finding activities to do and trying to make the most of our limited time together has been challenging. Don't even get me started on living alone. Most days I feel like I'm moments away from a nervous breakdown. But I digress...

Today we spent the majority of our day at the Dallas World Aquarium & while it was a bit expensive (20 bucks per person), it was completely worth it. I've been to a handful of aquariums before and they are almost always a let-down. But oh my goodness, this aquarium is multi-level & FULL of so many different things. My favorite part was that so many of the birds and animals had free range of the building & there was SO MUCH plant-life. Whoever designed the building did an amazing job integrating what felt like a rainforest-environment & ecosystem for all sorts of different birds and animals and fish into a building in downtown Dallas.

The trashcans even had really beautiful plant arrangements on top of each of them! The whole place was really beautiful.

And this was my favorite resident of the Dallas World Aquarium, a little slate-blue (Fairy/Little Penguin) fella who lives near the gift shop. He was so cute & kept dozing off, he was so sleepy!

If you live in the DFW area, definitely give The Dallas World Aquarium a shot! It's well worth it.



  1. I looove the garden eels. All of these photos are really great.

  2. I thought they were gonna be bigger judging from the picture you posted on Instagram! They were so little and cute. And thanks! I used VSCO to edit them & it made them look a lot better haha.