Saturday, June 8, 2013

Essie's "bikini so teeny" Nail Lacquer Review

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I feel like I've been looking for this particular nail polish for over a year. I wanted a periwinkle with a slight bit of silver micro-glitter & I was fairly positive that Essie made a polish exactly like it. Either I dreamt it up or it was just unavailable virtually everywhere aside from the one time I saw it forever ago & recently when I finally picked up "bikini so teeny".

This polish is pretty opaque and two coats does a pretty even and good job but I normally do three coats of any pastel-ish polish just to be thorough. Not gonna lie though --this polish chipped on my nails within 24 hours the first day I wore it. I took it all off and reapplied a few days ago and I haven't had a chip since so maybe it was just an unfortunate fluke, but most Essie polishes chip fairly easy on my nails anyways. It doesn't bother me too much since I change my nail polish fairly often & get bored easily.

Plus, since the glitter is so minimal, it's not difficult to remove from your nails so it's a pretty low-maintenance polish. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it & I'm planning on buying another bottle to put in a friends birthday present because it seems like it would look really pretty against her olive skin-tone.

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Anyways, my final verdict on it is, if you're really in love with the color and can see yourself wearing it a lot, go ahead & buy it. Or wait and see if you can get a coupon. Target weirdly offers coupons for essie polishes fairly often so you can get it for $5 or $6 rather than the average $8. Or maybe there's a cheaper dupe? Whatever you decide, good luck.


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