Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine Ensembles

A few outfits I've put together and then illustrated. Mostly things I know I can't justify buying on my income but it doesn't stop me from wanting them any less.

top shorts shoes

I really love the look of those metallic scallop shorts but since they're from Forever21+ I'm immediately skeptical of the fit. But those are the only plus sized scallop shorts I can find so they'll have to do. I've almost bought them at least a dozen times online but since I've yet to try them on in the store, I just can't justify it to myself. There's nothing worse than ordering something online and being SO excited about it, then trying it on and realizing you look terrible in them or they're super uncomfortable. This has happened to me every single time I've ordered a fitted dress from ASOS.

The top and shoes are both from Styele369, a UK based company. Normally I try to avoid UK shops because either the shipping to the US is astronomical or they don't even ship to the US. But the top was just so cute so I put it on there anyways. I'll probably never buy it unless it's on super clearance because I'm pretty sure it's close to $80 USD and that is a bit too much for Becca.

sweater jeans shoes earrings

The second outfit includes mostly ASOS & ASOS Curve items. I personally am lusting after the Curve lavender skinny jeans. They are such a pretty color and they remind me of conversation hearts. The top is a pretty sweater also from ASOS Curve that I think compliments the lavender since it's so simple and the lavender seems like a hard color to pair with unless you were going for an easter egg sort of color scheme.

I tried my hardest to find a pair of enamel conversation heart earrings but all I could find were dangle earrings and studs made of lacquered real conversation hearts which grossed me out for some reason. But these little gold xoxo studs by SPUNKbyCM on etsy were really simple and cute and look nice with the outfit. As for the Vero Pointed Platforms, I really really want these shoes since I can't walk on heels at all so these seem like an obvious and stylish choice for me at least. I originally saw them on sparklyvodka and after she mentioned that she can't walk in heels either, I was convinced that I needed these shoes, haha. She has a great review of them if you're interested in purchasing.

dress belt shoes

The final look is the most Valentine-y of all three. I couldn't help myself. I love love those shoes from ASOS and I've always wanted one of the heart or star crowns by giantdwarf. If they're out of your price range, she has a range of hairpins that are a little more affordable on a budget.

The dress and belt are both from A-Wear, a UK company that has apparently just started offering shipping to the US and a bunch of other countries. The dress is not solely plus sized, it comes in sizes UK6 to UK18. I know I couldn't wiggle my butt into it since I have a lot of trouble with fitted dresses. My body is just not proportioned right for them I guess? I love the dress though! It reminds me of Sofia Coppola's Virgin Suicides. It's so sweet and feminine.

Hope you enjoyed it! Feedback would be most appreciated.



  1. Love the outfits you've put together! The color palettes are simply sweet, and your illustrations make this post appealing. Creative, whimsical, youthful and fun. Love it! Thanks for including our XOXO Earrings!

  2. Thank you, I appreciate it!

    And no problem! They're super cute earrings!