Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outfit Post + Wine & Cheese

French Navy by Camera Obscura on Grooveshark

Well, finally back home and settled. I've technically been home since Monday, but I hadn't been in the mood to even attempt a post about anything. I spent the better part of the week cleaning and organizing my apartment in preparation for a Wine & Cheese Party we had on Friday.

Everyone brought a wine and a cheese and we played a game of 20 questions. Actually, I don't know what the game is called to be honest. It's the one they play in Marie Antoinette and Inglorious Basterds where you have a noun (person, place, thing) written on a piece of paper on your forehead and you try to guess which one you are.

I really didn't take any photos since I was busy cutting cheese or wrangling Coco. It was really fun and it was nice getting to see everyone (esp Taylor, Katy & Catherine)! Can't wait for the next one.

I also didn't dress up for the party at all. In fact, I wore my ugly sewage green pocket tee with holes in it and some jeans. Fanciest host ever.

So here's an outfit I'm wearing today while I sit inside and paint. I haven't really had the chance to dress up since I was working Valentine's Day and I didn't want to look like an idiot decked out in red and pink the night after. I'll probably end up taking the tights off but for now it's fine.

dress: asos curve, tights: ebay, shoes: nine west

This is one of my favorite dresses. When it first came out on ASOS Curve last year, I couldn't afford it and it sold out super fast. Eventually people returned ones that didn't fit and I snatched one up. It's honestly a little too big for me but it just makes it more comfortable.

The tights are from a seller on ebay. You'd be shocked how difficult it is to find a pair of heart print tights for women over a size large. I seriously looked for three months and these just randomly showed up one day when I was scouring ebay. They're from the UK though, which explains a lot. The people designing American plus-size clothing have terrible, out-dated taste. But I'll talk about that another time...

As for the shoes, they're from Nine West Outlet. My sister works at an outlet in Houston and always gets the BEST deals! I'm pretty sure with her discount these were around ten dollars at most. The women in our family have predominantly Nine West brand shoes thanks to her job. Thanks Kait!

The only drawback to wearing this dress is I hate wearing tights. I think they're super cute but they drive me up a wall. And right now it's too cold to throw on a pair of bike shorts underneath (that's right I said bike shorts, I wear bike shorts under my dresses)instead.

But for sitting around the house it doesn't really matter, I just thought the tights would be a nice touch since they're new and have hearts on them!

Here are some comparable options similar to what I'm wearing:
dress: 1 /// tights: 1 2 /// shoes: 1 2 3

Oh, and sorry for the random snippets of an outfit, it looks pretty but you don't really get a good straightforward look at the outfit. I'm without Ryan at the moment and I still don't have a remote for my camera so taking photos is quite the challenge. Next time will have more of a full body shot.


If you haven't ever heard anything by Camera Obscura, you're missing out! Check "French Navy" out at the top of the post.

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  1. My boyfriend introduced me to camera obscura, he loves that kind of music. The song teenager I LOVE so much!!
    which one do you like? I had never heard of anyone that knew of the existence of Camera!! Reply at LFDL