Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ladybugs & Coral

So I went to Houston for Spring Break last week to visit my family and overall it was a really nice trip. There was a serious family emergency followed by a hospital trip, but things are fine now and we all still managed to have a nice spring break together.

 photo coralladybug_zpsf55a2200.jpg

1. Gap Shrunken Boyfriend Ladybug Printed Shirt - $54.95
2. Sleek Blush by 3 in 'Lace' - $12.49
3. MAC Powder Blush in 'Lovecloud' - $14 at a Cosmetics Company Store Outlet (I think this was a limited edition color from the Tres Cheek collection)
4. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Finish in 'Rose Ivory' - $43

These are a few of the things my parents bought me while I was home + some things I ordered before going out of town. I thought it was sort of funny how most of the things I got were either shades of coral or hot pink. I have another post centered around hot pink coming up.

I guess I know what colors I'll be wearing a lot of this spring and summer!

here's a few photos of me wearing my new top & coral-y makeup

 photo corallook01_zps8d4c8fe8.jpg

 photo corallook02_zpse3e4807d.jpg
on my face:
laura mercier silk creme foundation in 'rose ivory' // Sleek Blush By 3 in "Lace" palette (mixture of 'Guipure'/'Rose Gold' & 'Chantilly') // NARS Highlighter in 'Albatross' // Tony Moly bunny lip tint in 'Orange'

Are any colors you find yourself drawn to as warmer weather approaches? Let me know!!



  1. Your eyes look so blue here! I really like the lip color in orange.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure why they show up more gray sometimes and blue other times. Eyeballs is weird. And thanks! I like the orange lip tint a lot, I was worried it would be hard to pull off and in my bathroom light it made me look like I had just eaten day old spaghetti(not a flattering look) but in the sunlight it looked pretty pretty pretty good if I do say so myself.