Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recent Purchases: Anthropologie

Um, so have I ever told you guys how much I love Anthropologie?

I love it a lot. It's an obsession that started in high school when I bought a gold and green lace top to wear to a dance. If we had one closer I would spend all of my time trying to get a job there. I don't know what it is about it that I love so much, but I instantly feel better just walking through because the store itself is just so visually interesting and beautiful. They normally have a sort of themed installation for the window displays and throughout the store. And each store varies in decor and what's in stock.

ANYWAYS, every year, twice a year I get Anthropologie gift cards from family members (thankyouthankyouthankyou btw). I'm always over-the-moon excited about it since I can't justify spending $68 dollars on a tank top unless I have a giftcard, and even then...I'm most likely going to wait until it goes on sale.

But this year I saved up all of my cards so I could really buy things that I loved and fit me really well. So here are my recent purchases from Anthropologie:

Pivot Cardigan

Trina Slub Pullover // Freestone Tank

Torchon Embossed Ponte Dress // Ladderlace Tank

Color Pop Juice Glasses // Monogrammed Mug

I normally just buy home goods items from Anthropologie but since our space is so limited, we really don't need anything new. BUT a year or so ago I was shopping at the Anthro over in Southlake and I came across a king sized Rosette quilt in navy blue on sale for around $90-$100and it had a little tear in the seam so they gave me an extra 15% off (since it was the only one) and I got it for around 80 dollars or so? I was so excited because I'd wanted that quilt for so long. And it was a great deal for something that's regularly $288. Then later that year I found a set of Rivulets euro shams in dusty blue for $10 each & paired it with my birthday 15% off coupon. I keep hoping I'll find another really great deal on a sheet set or some pretty standard shams but so far no luck :/

Is there a store or brand you have a slight obsession with? Any great deals you've scored on something you really wanted? Let me know! I love talking about deals and shopping.



  1. Love the monogramed mugs! x Sushi

  2. @SushiThey're great! The perfect size cup for coffee and tea-- and super sturdy feeling too! I don't have to worry about them chipping in the dishwasher, haha