Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Ensembles: Neon Equestrian


top - dorothy perkins // shorts - gap // shoes - asos // earrings - amazon // bracelet - UO

This is my little ode to the neon trend & Texas. I'm not overly fond of riding horses (I'm actually awful at it) but I really love interacting with them/ looking at them. Luckily, living in Denton (or most of Texas really) you see horses fairly often as it's close to a lot of ranches and farming communities. The back way I take to my aunt's house is full of wide open fields and plenty of fences with horses and little lakes behind them.

I recently bought a pair of cheap knock-offs of those earrings at Forever 21 (they didn't have them online, but I found them pretty easily at the store) and I've been pairing them with EVERYTHING. They're a little bit whimsical and something that makes me feel happy when I'm wearing one of my boring babysitting outfits (v neck tee and torn up shorts).

Are there certain things you wear to keep yourself from going crazy at school or work?



  1. Love the selection!

    Kisses from Italy