Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Victoria by Victoria's Secret

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Despite not being much of a perfume person until I turned 20, I now have quite the little gathering of scents I really love that *I* think smell good on me. I'm not snobby about what types of perfume I use-- celebrity perfumes, knock offs, whatever. As long as it smells good/good on me & lasts I'll buy it.

Which brings me to this little gem. I don't know why I'd never tried any Victoria's Secret brand perfumes but I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with not shopping there haha. Nothing there really fits me that well so why would I?

Anyways, I was hanging out with my friend Erika (she used to work at Victoria's Secret) and she let me try a sample size of 'Victoria' because she was planning on buying a full size soon. I fell in love. The bottle was what got me at first (how cute is it???) but the scent is what made me want it even more. The Victoria's Secret website describes it as "a sparkling blend of red berries, Victoria rose and crème brûlée."

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It smells amazing! You can definitely smell the rose & brightness of the berries while the crème brûlée makes it a little creamier smelling with a hint of caramelized sugar.

I love it. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of it all year long but especially in the spring and summer. Definitely give it a sniff next time you go into Victoria's Secret. Victoria retails for $52 - $68 USD. I know they also make a body mist version that's a bit less potent and less expensive ($25 USD) if you're wanting something a little wallet-friendlier.

Let me know if you like it!


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