Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Bloggers OOTD Portraits #1

I've been on & off attempting to teach myself basic painting in photoshop the past few months. Here are the fruits of my labor. I've been trying to use different layers and clipped bits of fabric and reference images to make portraits because I honestly have little interest in painting anything other than people.

I'm not as thrilled about these as I would be had I made them with physical paint brushes and watercolors but I feel like I certainly made a lot of head-way in navigating my way around PS. But ultimately I'm pretty proud of myself for trying something new. And something has to be said about the ease in which I can undo my mistakes. Watercolor is not so forgiving.

Taylor (& my best good friend) of A Thunder Heart
 photo blogtaylorbunnies_zpscc90e0b9.png

Caroline of sparklyvodka
 photo sparklyvodkalipstickbackground600_zps326e7a09.png

Kate of Scathingly Brilliant
 photo blogkategabrielleootdfloral_zps19e98fd2.png

I have three more in the works on my computer so hopefully I'll get around to finishing & posting those. If not, haha rest assured I've given up on painting in photoshop altogether.



  1. Ahhhh I already told you, but I'll say it again. I loves it. You captured my bunny sweater's smug mug perfectly.

  2. Omg omg these are adorable so perfect!!!

    1. Aw thank you!! I love your outfit posts btw! You've got the best fashion sense c:

  3. Your drawings are really perfect. I wondered if you do commissions? My daughter is a blogger, Zie Darling or darling dear, and I would love to see what you would come up with for her. You can email me if interested, cerri at thelittlepinkstudio dot com.

    1. Thank you so much, I'll definitely shoot you an email!