Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: Clarins 'Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch' Primer

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Clarins 'Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch' primer

I'd seen this in a few 2012 Beauty Favorites videos and blog posts and I'm pretty much always on the lookout for a pore minimizing primer so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I LOVE it! It makes my makeup stay on longer and I feel like it has helped my skin look and feel better the longer I use it. My pores look less visible under makeup and the battle with some frustrating near-cystic acne I had caused by Boots No.7 face cream has finally come to an end. I attribute it wholeheartedly to this primer and my Clarisonic.

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Before this I'd used Benefit's 'the Porefessional' and Too Faced's 'Primed & Poreless'. Personally, I preferred 'the Porefessional' over Too Faced because I felt like it did a better job of actually minimizing my pores. However, my sweet baby Taylor loves 'Primed & Poreless' and it is still a really good primer. Neither caused me to breakout and they didn't make my face any oilier.

The only drawback to using Clarins 'Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch' primer is that at $32 you only get 0.50 oz. whereas 'Primed & Poreless' is $30 for 1 oz. and 'the Porefessional' is $30 for 0.75 oz. So obviously if you don't have really big pores and you're just looking for something that will make your makeup last longer and go on smoother, 'Primed & Poreless' gives you more bang for your buck. But I'm a Clarins convert.

I love love love Clarins primer and will most definitely be repurchasing.


p.s. I've just bought NYX Pore Filler, so once I've tried it out I'll post a review. I want to try their green tinted Studio Perfect Primer next...we'll see.


  1. How have I not read your blog before, I love it! Great review by the way :)


  2. would love to do a mini swap sometime if you wanted something from the UK. Contact me if you'd be interested.